Who’s obligation is it to pay for a side fence?

The Fences Act contains rules about who pays for a dividing fence, the type of fence to be built, notices that neighbours need to give one another and how to resolve disputes that come up when discussing fencing works with your neighbour.  Click here to find out all the information from the Disputes Victoria website. (www.disputes.vic.gov.au/fences)

Will I need a permit for my fence?

Depending on the height and position of your fence a permit maybe required.  Check with your local Council to determine if a permit is required.

Frankston City Council– www.frankston.vic.gov.au

City of Casey – www.casey.vic.gov.au

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council– www.mornpen.vic.gov.au

Bayside City Council – www.bayside.vic.gov.au

Shire of Cardinia – www.cardinia.vic.gov.au

Will I need to relocate my animals whilst my fence is being built?

The best option would be to speak to your fencer to discuss options for your animals.  In most instances your fence could be replaced within one day however it is always best to seek clarification.

The property next door is rented and I don’t know where the owners live.

The best option here is to contact your Local Council and advise that you need to obtain a Request for Adjoining Land owner Name and Address for Fencing Purposes.  Once completed the Council will advise the name and contact details of your neighbour to enable you to make contact.

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