Paling Fences

The timber paling fence is the most common type of fence found in Melbourne as they are great value for money and eco-friendly.

Paling fences are generally found on the side and rear of residential properties and come in standard sizes of 1.95m (6’4) and 1.65m(5’4), although 2.25m and 2.55m are available (usually requiring a permit).

Treated pine is used for the rails, plinth and palings , while the posts are available in cypress, hardwood or concrete. Cement or concrete is used to secure the posts.  Posts are placed 600mm to 800mm in the ground depending on the type of soil and exposure to wind.

With our specialised knowledge we can best advise and cater for your specific fencing needs.

Speak to Stephen about  any requirements you have, we aim to build to the fence you want.